It was 1944 during the last fifteen months of WWII. Twelve thousand Jews, men, women and children were being herded daily onto the Budapest train platform for transport to Auschwitz. Yet on an adjacent platform another train was poised to transport one thousand six hundred eighty-four Jews to Switzerland.
          Why this odd number of Jews on the other train? What and who was behind this incredible, totally unbelievable situation? The SS allowing a train full of Jews to proceed to Switzerland in the middle of the war was akin to sending it to the moon. Concluding that the order must have come from the highest echelon of the Nazi hierarchy, prompted the author to embark on a five year research quest. As the full story unfolded, layer by complex layer, doubts as to whether there still was an untold WWII story were soon alleviated. The odd passenger train turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg.
          The reader is taken along from one incongruous plot to another, to an array of implausible, incredible and surreal sub-plots. The story gallops across Europe, from war torn, gritty Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg and Budapest, to the Bergen-Belsen and Mauthausen camps, to neutral, peaceful Stockholm and to elegant St. Gallen and Zurich and on to exotic Istanbul, Aleppo, Jerusalem and Cairo, all in an adventurous and breathless chase aimed at beating the clock and save as many lives as possible of camp inmates, POW�s, British troops and local civilians, A colorful cast of characters accompanies the reader, among them world leaders and including Oskar Schindler and Raul Wallenberg.
          It is a tale of human nature in all its vagaries, a �tour-de-force� of brain vs. brute force that challenges the mind, a precipitous gamble of life and death in a fast, high stakes poker game.