Excerpt from:
A Shot Rang Out at 2 Minutes Past Midnight



          The street was engulfed in darkness except for a faint light shed on the sidewalk by the lone street lamp. Nervously, he checked his watch again. Just seconds past midnight. At that very instant, he heard a car approach. A gray Henry J came into view, made a U-turn, and lined up smoothly against the curb. A bespectacled man in a hat, suit, and tie stepped out with a pile of papers in his arm. He walked to the other side of the car, opened the rear door, took out more files, binders, and papers and balanced them on the pile he had been carrying. He slammed the car door shut with his heel and walked towards the entrance. Almost immediately, he turned back as if he had forgotten something. Laying the papers on the hood of the car, he climbed back in and began fumbling with the glove compartment. Suddenly, the man in the car felt the cold of gunmetal pressing against his temple. As if out of nowhere, a young man materialized next to the open car window and asked calmly: “Dr. Israel Kastner?” The latter nodded and the man with the gun pulled the trigger.


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