Excerpt from:
The Champion Bridge Player



          At that, the front doorbell rang and Aviva, preceded by the strong smell of a cigar, swooped into the office. Kastner had seen this woman before. ‘It’s that stunning cigar-chomping, champagne-guzzling blonde from the bar – the Dane,’ he realized. Aviva promptly delivered a torrent of Hebrew, addressing her group in a commanding manner, threw off her jacket, plumped her lanky body onto the couch, and flung her shoes into a corner of the room. After undoing a hair knot on top of her head, a golden cascade fell over her shoulders. She then curled her well-tanned legs beneath her, and motioned all that she was ready.
          Mesmerized, Kastner stood still for a moment. He always loved strong women and this one was tough and sexy, too. Her well-shaped arms were firm and strong. Her face could be coquettish one minute, hard as steel the next. It would assume an almost ‘help-me’ mien and transform into an ‘eyes-sparkling’ smile, saying, “OK, let’s have some fun.”


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