Excerpt from:
For the Love of an Accordion  


          Fritz, true to his training, walked right up to the desk sergeant. “You are holding here two ladies,” he shouted in German, giving their full names to the sergeant.
        “Yes, we are, so what is it to you?” The sergeant who immediately recognized Fritz’s youth barked in Hungarian, mixed with a few words of German.
          Fritz took a few steps back. He cocked the gun, held it in a strafing position and trained it squarely on the sergeant. Assuming a fierce look foreign to his baby face countenance, he calmly and deliberately started counting “Eins…Zwei…”

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          A bomb or a shell hit very close by. Instinctively, they pressed against each other in a powerful embrace. They sat for a long while, embracing harder not wanting to let go. Their faces were touching. The impact of the explosion impaired their hearing. They could not hear the other series of explosions trailing away from their perch. From the corner of their eyes they saw flashes. With each flash they burrowed deeper into each other, like trying to escape everything occurring around them. Their bodies were in a state of fright and shock, their movements controlled by instinct. Their passion ignited amid the hell raging outside their window and a feeling of crazy abandon and joy overcame them. For the longest time they made passionate love, oblivious to everything...


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