Excerpt from:
The Roller Coaster Train


          It was still raining, it was damp and foggy. The only discernible light was the lamp hanging at the entrance to the station building.
          The passengers disembarked and dispersed. Within half an hour the train site was empty. Laci now raced from side to side, from rail to rail, piercing through the fog, there was no other train. It certainly was not at the place where he left it. Nothing. No train.
          He stood there in the pouring rain, scanning the station, right to left, back and forth, again walking behind the buildings , ‘maybe they moved the train from its former perch,’ he reasoned. ‘Nothing, no sign of it.’  A horrible feeling welled up in him. It almost knocked him over physically. Split images started rushing through him. His family. Auschwitz. He felt disconnected from it – like reading a bad novel, like watching a horror movie. Will I ever see my family again? He hit himself on his forehead. Was he dreaming?  Was he awake? He decided to go back to the station and think this through.
          The rain abated, the fog lifted partially off the ground and a fresh after-the-rain smell permeated the air.  He sat down on the bench in front of the ticket office and took a deep breath.


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