Excerpt from:
Not a Fascist, Not an Anti-Fascist


          On one of his daily inspection trips to the Spanish Schutzhäuser, he realized a commotion taking place on the street he just turned on to. Screams, shouts, people being dragged about, furniture flying out of windows. It was a full-fledged, planned, man-made mayhem. He found himself in the middle of a typical razzia in progress. It was an SS hunt, joined by Gendarmerie, and Arrow-Cross. He parked the car at the curbside, watching. Suddenly two young boys, teenagers, came running in his direction, followed by yelling, cursing SS men. He got out of his car, opened the rear doors and motioned the two kids to get in. He then slammed the doors shut and took up his seat again. As he was about to start moving, he saw his car  surrounded by SS, leveling guns at him at point blank range, just standing there.


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