Excerpt from:
Last Minute Bratislava


          Kastner rushed up to his room. The pile of Swiss Francs earmarked for the purchase of goods as payment for the release of the first fifty Jews to Switzerland had to be hidden. ‘There surely is going to be a search. Whoever conducts this search will confiscate the money,’ he mulled. He burned other papers, which might have been incriminating and susceptible to questioning, over the open toilet bowl, and then flushed the ashes down. An aggressive knock on the door interrupted him.
          “Who’s there?” he called out.
          As he released the lock, the door flew open, dislocating the upper hinge.  Half a dozen agents literally fell into the room, fanning out on either side of the wall in attack formation.
          “Are you Dr. Kastner?”
          “Under what name are you registered here?”
          “What sort of question is this? Under my name, naturally….”
          “Are you a Jew?”
          “I do not count as a Jew.”
          “Are you circumcised?”
          “Yes, but I still do not count as a Jew.”
          “According to our laws you are. You are coming with us.”

          Kastner was dragged down, out onto the street and thrown into one of the idling cars...


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