Excerpt from:
On a Wild Ride Across the Reich 


          The reaction was strangely subdued. As they turned a slight bend, they were exposed to a scene that left them both aghast. Before they could discern what lay in front of them, they were met by a horrible odor and an indescribable pungent smell. Instead of the expected outburst of freed prisoners, breaking out of their barracks in joy, they were confronted by walking skeletons in tattered clothes and piles of corpses in grotesque positions thrown on top of one another into huge mounds. The starving, the sick, and the dying sprawled on the ground every which way. And the eyes silently stared from hollow sockets. A picture of horror and suffering. And it all transpired in silence. The entire scene was shrouded in an eerie silence, despite the hundreds moving about. The newly liberated lacked the energy to celebrate their deliverance.


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          ‘If it comes off, it will be a significant contribution towards ending the war, not to mention the rescue of otherwise doomed lives. Surrendering the camps without a fight is a brilliant strategy; it leaves the door open for negotiations afterwards. It is a tree that may bear fruit for a long time to come. You have to give the man credit, this Kastner, just brilliant,’ Becher was thinking.


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