Excerpt from:
Back to Hell


          “Tomorrow morning, I am leaving from the Bahnhof; I’ll be in Bregenz for lunch,” Kastner stated matter-of-factly.
          “Well, at least you have a night to sleep on it - hope you change your mind.”
          “Not a chance in hell, Laci…not a chance…” Kastner smiled. “I promised Eichmann to return. This is not the reason, just another threat that I cannot be responsible for. He will retaliate if I fail to come back, he will kill the Ghetto.”
          “Rezsö, you can’t be serious…you promised Eichmann? Eichmann?  He is not even in Budapest and you are concerned in your mind of keeping a promise to Eichmann? Rezsö, please say that you are joking.…”

          “No, I am not joking..."


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