Excerpt from:
On a Wild-Boar Hunt



          Two cassocks were among the group. One, an incredibly good-looking priest, with blond hair and a chin-strap beard to match, went off towards a group of women. Soon, Karl noticed him peeling off with a bundled young woman. They were hugging each other around the waists, their faces into each other and quickly disappearing into the cave. The other priest was at a makeshift table, unloading a bottle of vodka, bread, and a chunk of goat cheese, and he invited the other women to partake. Soon, there was laughter, embracing, hugs, and kissing. One of the women sat on his knee, holding him around his neck, and warming her cheek next to his.
          This is a lively bunch of priests, Karl told Teddy. I’d join their church anytime.
          The good looking one with Marsha is one of the best auto mechanics in Poland. Janek, over there, is a former high school gym teacher. I think they are Communists or certainly leftist. They don’t believe in God, but they believe in using his clothes.


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