Avriel, Ehud (1917-1980)

Born Űberall in Austria. Active Zionist MAPAI leader. Arrived in Palestine in 1939. Close aide to Ben-Gurion. Leader in Aliya-Beth, the illegal immigration to Palestine by sea, circumventing the British Colonial Office White Paper restrictions issued in 1939. Leader of the HeChalutz movement in Vienna prior to his immigration to Palestine. High Jewish Agency functionary. Liaison with Joel Brand in Istanbul, accompanying him to Aleppo. Served on crucial diplomatic missions as well as missions on behalf of Rekhesh – the Mosad’s pre-Israel clandestine arms acquisition branch. Director General of the Prime Minister’s office, advisor to the foreign Office. Diplomatic strategist. Member of the Knesset, Party activist. Instrumental in Israel’s cooperation with Africa. Ambassador to Ghana and later to Zaire Died in Israel in 1980 aged sixty-three.      


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