Ciller, Antal

When Laci Devecseri and his father Emil ran their engineering/construction company headquartered in Kolozsvár with branches all over Hungary and an office in Romania, they developed a working relationship with the architect Antal Ciller. When the Germans entered Budapest in March 1944 the Devesceris ‘sold’ the company to Ciller so it could claim Christian ownership and retain its extensive work for the Hungarian army among others.

Ciller, an army reserve captain on Laci’s request went to Kolozsvár in his uniform and accompanied Laci’s sister and her two little girls to Budapest. Ciller has proven exceptional in his dealings with Laci and meticulously compensated him for his share for every transaction that occurred.

There is little known about his post-war whereabouts. It seems that Ciller ended up in Switzerland after the war.


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