Domonkos, Miksa

Budapest Jewish Council member

Domonkos was an important member of the Jewish Council, in charge of the technical department. His imposing physical presence and exceptional bravery and courage deterred many attempts by the Arrow-Cross from attacking and looting designated Schutzhäuser and Jewish dwellings. In the Ghetto he donned the uniform of a Hungarian army captain, posed as a representative of the Hungarian Ministry of Defense, berated and chased away any of the political street gang’s attempts to harm the Ghetto. He worked closely with Wallenberg and was among the last three persons who dined with Wallenberg the night before his disappearance by the Soviets. After the war, he was apprehended by the Hungarian Communist regime and together with other former members of the Council was accused of Zionist activities and was put on the 1953 show - trials instigated by Stalin in Moscow and repeated by the Mátyás Rákosi’s Communist dictatorship in Hungary. After extended imprisonment and of torture and deprivation, he was released after Stalin’s death and the killing of Lavrenty Beria in Moscow. In 1953, a short time after his release, trying to recuperate from his prolonged ordeal and damaged health Miksa Domonkos died in the hospital.


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