Freudiger, Rabbi Fűlop von (1900-1976)

Following his father as rabbi of the Orthodox community in Budapest in 1939, Fűlop von Freudiger was a deep rooted and established leader in the Jewish community of Budapest. He was one of the founders of the Relief and Rescue Committee in Budapest, involved in aid to the many refugees from Poland, Czechoslovakia who came into the haven of Budapest in 1943.

After the German’s entry into Budapest he served on the Judenrat. He bribed Wisliceny to release eighty well known orthodox Jews and rabbis from ghettos and detention In August 1944, without telling his fellow colleagues on the Committee or to anyone of his community, he fled his post with his family to Bucharest, aided by Wisliceny. He later proceeded to Israel where he became a rather controversial figure because of his membership in the Judenrat and for abandoning his flock in Budapest. In 1961 he gave evidence at the Eichmann trial. He died in 1976, aged seventy-six.


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