Grosz, Bandi (1908-1976)

A prolific spy who worked for half a dozen intelligence agencies, among them the German Abwehr, Kaltenbrunner's SD, the Hungarian military intelligence, Eichmann, the British, the Poles, the French, and Japanese. He was born in Beregovo, Ukraine to Aaron and Ilona Grosz. He started his career as a drug dealer and smuggler, being arrested and offering his services to avoid further arrest. Acting as a Balkans courier for the Abwehr, he made frequent round-trips to Turkey. He also provided the Rescue Committee with information and acted as its sometime courier on the Committee’s vital lifeline for funding from the Jewish Agency’s office in Istanbul. A veritable spy department-store he was well connected and well informed. After the war he lived in Israel and in Switzerland, traveling around on his mysterious missions. He died in 1970, at age sixty-two in Munich, Germany.


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