Jewish CouncilDer Judenrat

Two days after their entry into Hungary, the Germans ordered the Budapest Jewish community leaders to establish a Judenrat, a proven instrument the Nazis used in the past to convey orders and instructions to the Jewish community through their own elders with the objective of keeping the community quiet and giving the illusion of self-rule, all in preparation to ship them to their death.

Samu Stern the president of the Jewish Community was nominated as the president of the Judenrat. Stern was a successful banker and bore the title of Hofrat, that of adviser to the Royal Hungarian Court. He was assisted by Lajos Stoeckler and Miksa Domonkos in running the eight member council, which included Erno Boda,  Erno Peto, Karoly Wilhelm, Samu Csobadi, Samu Kahan-Frankel, Fűlop Freudiger, and Nison Kahan.

The council functioned under Eichmann’s direction; aided mainly by Krumey and Wisliceny It was considered a compliant body.

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