Kaltenbrunner, Ernst (1903-1946)

SS Obergruppenfűhrer – General

Austrian. Practiced law in Linz. Joined the Nazi party in 1930. An ardent Hitler follower. Arrested for treason connected to his Nazi activities in pre-Nazi Austria. After the Anschluss became Chief of the Austrian SS then Austrian Minister of Internal Security. Police chief of Vienna. Member of the Reichstag. Chief of the Reichsicherheitshauptamt, the RSHA and chief of the SD in Berlin. Arrested in 1945, at war’s end. Leader of the powerful SS faction that opposed any concessions to Jews, regarded Becher with suspicion and reported Himmler’s clandestine moves to Hitler, through his good friend Martin Bormann. Sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials. Executed in 1946 in Nuremberg.

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