Krumey, Hermann (1905 - ?)

SS Obersturmbannfuehrer – Lt. Colonel

A pharmacist by profession and then a regional leader of a gymnastics association, Krumey joined the SS with the rank of Obersturmbannfuehrer. Assigned to Lodz in Poland he expedited death camp transports and occupied high positions in the SS extermination units. Involved in the eradication of Lidice, the Czech village, in reprisal for Heydrich’s assassination, close to one hundred children were sent from the village to Krumey’s Lodz office for handling and for which he ordered 'special treatment’ i:e extermination.

He joined Eichmann in Hungary and greatly aided Kastner in Slovakia and in Vienna.  He drove Joel Brand and Bandi Grosz to Vienna and arranged their flight to Istanbul out of Vienna. He was sent by Eichmann to Bergen-Belsen to supervise the one thousand six hundred eighty-four passenger transport to Switzerland and on Eichmann’s orders held back the Brand relatives as hostages. He divided the groups going to Switzerland and acceded to Laci Devecseri pleas to let them join the first group so that his sick infant son may survive.

He was arrested by the Allies in 1945 and was released in 1948 pursuant to an affidavit Kastner submitted on his behalf in return for his help in the rescue of Jews in Hungary, Slovakia and in Vienna. He went to Korbach Germany where he became active in local government. His case kept coming up and he was rearrested in 1957, ’58 and 60. Each time he was released. In 1969 he was tried again, the court summoning witnesses from around the world. Laci Devecseri contemplated to come and testify on his behalf, still being grateful for saving his son’s life in Bergen-Belsen. The following day, Laci saw the story of the Lidice children, after further inquiries, he decided not to attend Krumey’s trial. Krumey was sentenced to life. In a 1973 appeal, sixty-eight year-old Krumey’s verdict was upheld.

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