Langlet, Waldemar & Nina

Head of the Swedish Red Cross in Budapest

Dr. Langlet came to Budapest in the early 1930’s holding dual positions, as reader and professor at the University in Budapest and as an official in the Swedish legation. During the outbreak of the war he became the head of the SRC, the Swedish Red Cross in Hungary. He and his wife displayed extraordinary courage and devised many ploys in their untiring effort of saving Jews, with special emphasis on children. He rented buildings, pasting fake signs reading ‘Swedish Library’ and ‘Swedish Research Institute’ which he used to provide hiding places for Jews. They produced and procured documents, food, and clothing, in their embassy car, designed to be ready at a moment’s notice for a cry for help. Dr, Langlet assisted Wallenberg and looked after the Schutzhäuser. He and his wife Nina worked closely with Peretz Révész and his team of young Chalutzim. The couple performed incredible feats, all to save human lives. Nina outlived her husband, who passed away after the war. Modest, shying away from the limelight, she finally visited Israel and embarrassingly acknowledged the honors given her and to her late husband in special ceremonies in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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