Moyne, Lord (1880-1044)

British Minister Resident in Egypt

Scion of the Guinness Brewery fortune and close to Churchill. Lord Moyne as the British Minister Resident in Egypt during World War II was considered responsible for the relentless blockage of illegal Jewish immigrant ships to the shores of Palestine and a supporter of the 1939 restrictive White Paper.  He looked favorably on the suggestion of sending them to Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. He was against the formation of distinct Jewish units in the British Eighth Army. He met with Brand during the latter’s stay in Cairo and did not object in principle to Brand’s return to Eichmann. 

In November 1944, Lord Moyne and his driver were gunned down on a Cairo street by two LEHI assassins, sanctioned by the LEHI commanders headed by Yitzhak Shamir. The Yishuv and its Haganah leadership, vehemently opposed the deed, and opened the so called ‘hunting season,’ a period of cooperation with the British Mandate police, searching out and denouncing extreme right-wing LEHI and IRGUN underground members to the police. The two assassins, Bet-Zuri and Hakim were immediately apprehended, tried, sentenced and hanged in Cairo. Lord Moyne was sixty-four at his death.

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