Musy, Jean-Marie (1876 – 1952)

Former President of Switzerland

A Swiss-French Catholic politician and lawyer recruited by the Sternbuch’s for his acquaintanceship with Himmler and some of the Nazi hierarchy from their get-togethers as European rightists. He published Fascist papers and magazines in Switzerland. He was asked to obtain the release of a train with orthodox Jews against a five million dollar payment, to match Kastner’s successful release of the trains from Bergen-Belsen. Musy traveled numerous times to Himmler and indeed succeeded to release twelve hundred yeshiva students, rabbis and their families.

Many years later when his grandson was asked as to what motivated Musy to act on behalf of Jews with his former cronies in Germany? No clear cut answer was available. The option could have been Compassion, although Musy had no history of any sort of activity on behalf of refugees or Jews; it could have been Money – no record exists whether Himmler indeed received the five million dollars, or how much of it. The answer may lie strictly between Sternbuch and Musy. Or, it could have been a Religious awakening, since Musy strongly adhered to his Christian beliefs. Musy died in 1952, in his birthplace Albeauve in Gruyčre, aged seventy-six.


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