Perlasca, Giorgio ‘Jorge’(1910-1992)

He left Budapest and returned to Padova after the war, finding himself in dire financial straits. He and his friend Sans-Briz, the former Spanish ambassador became estranged, largely because the latter wanted to garner the post-war accolades, due to Perlasca. Perlasca still did not realize the depth of his heroic actions, to his mind ‘he did what every decent human being would do.’ Despite Perlasca’s modesty it was eventually determined that Perlasca saved over five thousand people with his direct actions. Italy, his homeland and Hungary awarded him their highest decorations. Israel declared him ‘The Righteous among the Nations’ and awarded him citizenship. Perlasca kept to his modest ways, avoiding the limelight. He passed away in 1992 in his home town Padova, Italy, at age eighty-two.


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