Révész, Peretz

Escaping the Germans in Slovakia, Révész arrived in Budapest in 1942.  A medical student, a champion runner and a member of He’ha Chalutz, he was a member of a leftist Zionist ’back to the land’ Kibbutz movement. From early days in Bratislava, his future wife and his brother were part of a newly formed armed underground movement devoted to the rescue of Jews.

He commanded the armed underground in Budapest. He and his teams provided safe houses, established and operated children’s homes, assisted people to flee over the borders down to Romania. A member of the Rescue Committee he also cooperated with the Hungarian underground to combat the common enemy – the Arrow-Cross goons and the Germans. Peretz and his wife Nonika refused to leave Budapest when the opportunity arose with the Musterzug, the ‘sample’ train that ended up in Switzerland. They decided to stay where needed and survived the war in Budapest, displaying uncommon commitment and courage.

After the war Peretz and family arrived in then Palestine and settled in a Kibbutz. The credo of his youth that of a selfless character, deep seated honesty, an Alpine degree of integrity and always ready to embark on missions that would help others and serve his nation was still imbued in him. In his 90’s, Peretz ran a home for mentally-challenged adults, making daily round trips in his car, a distance of close to an hour from his home.


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