Schellenberg, Walter  (1910-1952)

SS-Brigadefuehrer  -  Major General

Head of the German foreign military intelligence, successor to the Wehrmacht’s Abwehr. Unsuccessfully targeted the Rote Kapelle, the Red Band, the incredibly successful premier Soviet spy group, run by Tepper, a Russian Jew in Switzerland who later settled in Israel and whom Schellenberg regarded as his greatest nemesis. Schellenberg and his rival Kaltenbrunner where the main bookends under Himmler’s senior SS command structure. Schellenberg’s loyalty went to Himmler, Kaltenbrunner’s went to Hitler. Yet both disliked Becher. Schellenberg, fluent in English and French and in charge of foreign intelligence, coveted Becher’s assignments. He felt that Becher was transgressing on his territory. Kaltenbrunner simply did not trust Becher.

In a Nuremberg series of follow-up trial, Schellenberg was sentenced to six years in prison. Upon release in 1950 he became an adviser to the British Secret Service.  In 1952, he succumbed to cancer and died in Turin, Italy, aged forty-two.


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