Skorzeny, Otto  (1908-1975)

SS Commando Obersturmbannfuehrer - Lt. Colonel

Austrian. Trained as a civil engineer, Skorzeny, an imposing six foot, four inch giant with a dueling scar running down his cheek, joined the Nazi party and the Storm-troopers in 1931. He fought in Russia in the Wafer-SS and was cited for bravery numerous times and awarded Germany’s highest awards personally by Hitler. He started a commando unit for special services. In 1943, landing with gliders, he freed an imprisoned Mussolini from a mountaintop, an operation that became legend. He planned an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap Tito in Yugoslavia. In 1944, he came to Budapest, kidnapped Horthy Jr. in order to force his father to resign, which the latter did. Interned at war’s end by the Allies, he escaped and went to Spain, where he resumed his pre-war occupation as an engineer and became a wealthy man. Skorzeny died of cancer in 1975 in Madrid, aged sixty-seven.


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