What Readers Say:

"Kaufman has a keen eye for historical detail and he has deeply researched his subject..."  

                                                                    ~Kirkus Review~

Having read the advance copy of The Precipice Option, I must tell you how I appreciated the contribution it makes to these yet untold events of World War II, and how much I enjoyed the intriguing and some of the amusing descriptions the writer offers in the midst of terrible mayhem. What an exciting movie it can make.

Zev Melamid, Chappaqua, NY
 Former Travel and Airline CEO

...a highly informative and truly enjoyable read. In a richly woven and engaging narrative the book raises poignant questions about the human condition in times of war, offering the reader a sense of what motivated perpetrators and victims alike.

Dr. Bela Bodo
Professor, Dept of History Missouri State University, Springfield, MO

It is a fascinating book and an easy read. The further we got into it, the more we became completely enraptured and absorbed in it.

Lucy and Herbert Rosenberg, Pembroke Pines, FL

A captivating read each page more thrilling than the last.

Ronald Bruell
Auckland,  New Zealand


The book is a richly detailed historical document. It is inhabited by a colorful cast of characters, villains and heroes and true 007 adventures.  Once you start it, you won t put it down till you finish it.

Fred A. Brill, Rosemont, NJ
Former airline executive

I am so much into the book and sharing Kastner s frustrations - will he succeed to save or will he be too late? I admit, I usually do not live the books I read, so it only shows how well written it is.

Ruth Perry Rosen, Herzliya, Israel

Alex Kaufman s book is in my view, the richest documentation of Kastner s life and work during World War II in Europe. The way Kaufman chooses to tell the story facilitates the intricacies of the story and the understanding of the events for the younger generation reader.

Joseph Wenkert, Writer and Editor
Jerusalem, Israel

 It is about time that someone had the courage and the persistence to set the record straight about Rudolf Kastner s feats in saving hundreds of thousands of lives in Nazi occupied Europe during World War II. This fact-based novel does this in riveting style, while at the same time, it sets the record straight on a simmering and controversial issue.

Martin B. Deutsch, New York
Former Editor and Publisher of Frequent Flyer magazine.

Epic story-telling and facts from the first page to the last combine beautifully to provide the reader with a gripping and emotional book.

Abbie Ben Ari
Former Political and Social analyst. London and Jerusalem

The Precipice Option is a powerful mind-grabbing story how one heroic man saved hundreds of thousands of lives in World War II. It was difficult to put the book down.

Lou Terenzoni, Arnold, MD
Ret. Engineering executive

Articulate writing makes this book spellbinding.

Pamela Hayward, Auckland, New Zealand

Kaufman has created a psychological thriller in an historically based adventure novel that is a fascinating read. To tell his story, he draws on his deep understanding of human nature, aided by personal interviews with the actual participants and he conducts the reader into an enormous suspenseful bluff and mind-games involving the ultimate stakes.

Alvin J. Rosenstein, Ph.d, Roslyn, NY
Diplomate, Industrial Psychology, ABpp,
Professor, Business School, Adelphi University