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A Shot Rang Out at 2 Minutes Past Midnight

The Champion Bridge Player

The Horse Lover

The House at No. 6 Podjavorinska Street

007 in Everything but Name

Heinrich mit Augenglas

The Macaroni Factory

On a Wild-Boar Hunt

On Mussolini Ter

Tectonic Shifts

Three who Dropped from the  Sky

Following the Irresistible Smell of Loot

The Art of the Rescue


The Lady from Vienna

A Champion Sprinter�s Dash through Town

The Sky is Falling

An Offer that Can Be Refused

The Flying �Orient Express�

The Other Adolf

For the Love of an Accordion

The Roller Coaster Train


Under the Sphinx�s Enigmatic Gaze


There is just a Little Bridge between Paradise and Hell

Not a Fascist, Not an anti-Fascist

Four Ring Circus

The Admiral

A Moslem in Hitler�s Court

Putsch-ing the Putsch

A Glimmer of Sunlight

A Flood of Fire, Brimstone and Lead

Frantic Race to Preserve Every-Which-Way

Monsieur le Pr�sident

Last Minute Bratislava

On a Wild Ride Across the Reich

The Vice Tightens

Back to Hell

The End of the Road

It�s Not Over Yet